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The Big Bay Itineraries

In addition to the wide variety of San Diego events, sights, and activities you can experience throughout the San Diego Bay, the Bay is also the home of certain activities we like to call Big Bay bonuses. Bonuses can include once in a lifetime opportunities or can be everyday activities tailored to a specific group of people, for example romantic nights at the Bay for couples, or San Diego cruises and other San Diego family activities.

Museums, Parks, and More

Examples of Bonuses that can be tailored to specific groups, for example families, include museum tours and wildlife refuge tours. A popular museum to journey through is the Maritime Museum of San Diego which is home to an extensive collection of some of the world’s tallest ships. As for San Diego parks and wildlife refuges, there are two at the San Diego Bay. Wildlife refuges are actually rare. There are a total of five refuges in Southern California, four of them happen to be in San Diego. One of the two refuges on the Bay is located in South San Diego Bay and covers 3,940 acres. The other refuge, called the Sweetwater Marsh, covers 394 acres of land. Both refuges offer the opportunity to see various endangered and threatened plant and animal life. You can read more detailed descriptions of San Diego Bay’s wildlife refuges under Parks & Wildlife.

Click on any of the Big Bay Bonuses below for a detailed description of featured San Diego activities. You can also review our Big Bay Events page. There you will discover a more general description of various Bay events and local attractions in San Diego. Family activities, relaxing walks, and entertaining festivals are just some of the events described on the Events page.

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